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10 Benefits of Renting

Sometimes we get a few discerning comments about our prices...and that's okay! Here's a quick list of the beneifts to renting to maybe clear that up!

1. The cost is much lower than actually purchasing.

2. You can have it delivered to your door.

3. Once your guests are gone so are your rentals.

4. Our event consultants help you with anything; they're trained experts!

5. Did you know most of our rentals are more than 50% of the original cost when you rent?

6. You are able to rent for three days with no extra charges (the day before, day of, and after your event)

7. We make sure we have the best quality items in stock!

8. Your rentals come to you clean and we don't require that you clean your items when returning.

9. You can secure a reservations months in advance without giving a deposit.

10. You can make last minute reservations (depending on availability).


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