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Party Planning Made Easy: How to place your rental

Our event consultants receive many questions each day regarding rentals, so we thought it would be helpful to answer those questions here; on our blog! Today starts the new series of Party Planning Made Easy: How to.

In this blog post we'll introduce the basics. Think of this post as a breakdown on the rental process. Let's get started!

1. The 3 WWW's

Before getting nervous and just making those on the whim calls remember the three W's: Where, when and what.

Where is your event?

When is your event?

What type of event?

After that you can get a better understanding of your rental order. Also, your event consultant will be able to gauge other details needed for the event.

2. Lucky number

Head count! You always need to have a head count for tables, chairs, and linen. Ask yourself this, "How many people are you accommodating for?". Waiting on RSVP's? That's okay, here at Ashley's Party Rentals we have a grace period. That means you can make changes on your rental no later than a week before your event!

3. Theme

There's always a color scheme or overall image a person creates when first planning a party. With that being said, what's yours? When first calling and creating your order every event consultant will provide descriptive details on colors and ideas they have in mind. As a customer, we'll guide you through seeing the colors on our website or even in person.

4. Details, details, details...

Whew! Well, it looks like we've covered the basics, but what else is there you need to rent for your event? Here is a perfect time to go crazy and ask if we have anything else. Is it going to be sunny? We have umbrellas! Is anyone making a speech? We have champagne glasses!

5. Locked Down

You are have reached the final step. Once you feel comfortable to reserve your rentals our event consultant will ask the needed information to get everything squared away for your party. This includes CC info, delivery date, and contact information.

*Note we do not require deposits, only CC info for holding purposes*

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