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What Size Table Should I Rent?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what size table you need?

Don't worry, it is a common occurrence. Here is some information to help you make that decision.


We here at Ashley's Party Rentals, Inc. have quite a few different sizes of tables. Getting a headcount and measuring your space for your event can be the most helpful thing when deciding on size tables. However, we have event consultants a call away to help you figure out what you may need. We also offer to have someone come look at your property to measure your space and give you a better understanding of what you may need.

Lets start with our round table options:

  • The 36" (diameter of 3 feet) round table that comes in two different heights. [Seats 4 comfortably]

-The two different heights are a cocktail table that is seating height (29" tall) and the belly bar table that is standing height (42" tall).

  • The 48" (diameter of 4 feet) round table [Seats 6 comfortably]

  • The 60" (diameter of 5 feet) round table [Seats 8 comfortably]

-The 60" round table is one of our most popular sizes and many venues also carry this size. The center of this table is not too large meaning any centerpieces for this table don't need to be very large.

  • The 72" (diameter of 6 feet) round table [Seats 10 comfortably]

  • 60" Half round table also know as a sweetheart table [Seats 2 comfortably]

Next, we have the rectangle table options:

  • 4' (4' x 24") adjustable rectangle table [Seats 2 adults or 4 children comfortably]

  • 6' (6' x 30") rectangle table [Seats 6-8 including the ends comfortably]

  • 8' (8' x 30") rectangle table [Seats 8-10 including the ends comfortably]

  • 8' (8' x 40") wooden farm rectangle table [Seats 8 comfortably]

To view our tables, please feel free to click the link provided :


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