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48" Round: $10.00

60" Round: $12.00
72" Round: $16.00

Round Tables

Here at Ashley's we provide our customers with 3 sizes of round tables to choose from:


48" Round- seats 6 comfortably

60" Round- seats 8 comfortably

72" Round- seats 10 comfortably


Round tables are commonly used for formal ceremonies such as wedding receptions and quinceaneras. These round styled tables provide a more intimate setting so as to make any guest feel welcomed.

*Linens and chairs are not included

Rectangle Tables

Our rectangular tables come in 2 standard sizes:

6' X 30" Rectangular Table- seats 8 

[3 on each side, one on each end] *Does not fold in half

8' X 30" Rectangular Table- seats 10

[4 on each side, one on each end] *Does not fold in half


We're always making an excuse to throw a party, so why not use a rectangular table? With their shape, a rectangular table is very versatile. Whether it's a buffet table or even a gift table, the rectangular shape makes function and style blend perfectly.

*Linens and chairs are not included

6' Rectangular: $8.00
8' Rectangular: $10.00

4' Adjustable Rectangular: $6.50

4' Adjustable Rectangle Table

The 4' adjustable rectangular table, formally known as the children's table offers seating for any age or size. Our 4' rec. adjusts to 3 different heights: 


2' Wide

24" tall- children's seating height

29" tall- standard seating height

36" tall- standing height


This table is perfect during a Thanksgiving dinner for children or a smaller buffet table because of it's compact size. Many event planners even use this as a sign in table for guests or the cake table for weddings due to it's adjustable height. 

*Linens and chairs are not included


8' x 40" Farm Table: $75.00

Farm Table

This table gives any event an elegant, natural touch.

Sturdy, beautifully stained redwood tables that were built by one of our local business.

8' x 40" Wooden Farm Table

*Linens and chairs are not included

Belly Bar: $10.00                                                                  Cocktail: $10.00

Belly Bar & Cocktail Tables

Many of our customers confuse these tables with one another, but who could blame them. With the same style, but different heights, the belly bar table and cocktail table could be fraternal twins!


Belly Bar- 36" X 42"

Cocktail- 36" X 31"


The belly bar table is perfect for those guests who just want to stand and mingle and the cocktail table is the ideal size for couples wanting to sit together.

*Linens and chairs/bar stools are not included

Sweetheart Table $12.00



Sweetheart Table

This table is perfect for the happy couple, against a wall for the presents or as a guest sign in table.

60" Half round table

29" tall (seating height)

Beer Pong Table: $15.00                                                             

Beer Pong Table

The beer pong table is perfect for any casual event. Have fun with your freinds and family.


Length- 8' 

Height- 27.5"

Width- 2'


Does not come with supplies.

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