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Portable P.A. System

Easy, Affordable, entertainment in a portable form. 


-Wired Microphone

-Auxillary Cord

-Provides loud results

-Battery operated


Total P.A. Pro

Perfect for large events, can be used outdoors or indoors.

-1 speaker on a stand

-Controls on back of unit

-Bluetooth/ AUX compatible

- Wired Microphone

-Easy to move

-Must have power source

Back View


Liberty P.A. System

For larger events, this speaker is perfect. Indoor or outdoor events

-2 Speakers on stands

-Wired Microphone

-Must have power source




Wireless Microphone

All of our speaker systems come with a wired microphone.

The wireless microphone is rented separately. It is convenient for those wanting to be free of a wire and walk around.

projector screen.jpg


Projector Screen

This screen can be used for a movie night, office meeting, celebration of life, or any event.

We also have the projector to pair it with.

-8'x8' screen






This projector is portable yet strong. This projector works best in a dark environment, whether that be a dark room or dark night.

Use along side our projector screen. 


-Inputs:  HDMI, USB Type A, VGA

-Video Inputs:  HDMI, VGA

-Built-in speakers(small)

-Can connect via bluetooth to sound system


-Adjustable leg rests 

back of projector.jpg
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