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Party Planning Made Easy: Renting Linen

It's the first day of fall! When the cooler seasons come, that's when most of our customers rent linen. This blog will be sweet and simple; what to do when ordering linen.

First: Know what tables you want and how far of a drop to the floor. Knee length or full length?

Second: Choose your color. (Make sure to call in for any changes no later than the Wednesday before your event by 12 PM)

Third: Think about your event date! Always order a week before your event and take a look at the color in person. (Unfortunately, if the color is not to your liking upon receiving linen we cannot change them)

Fourth: Lastly, when laying your linen walk all around your table to make sure it's even. (We get a lot of calls that linen aren't even when it's just an adjustment issue- don't sweat it party people)

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