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Black Padded Bar Stool

This black padded bar stool is a step up from our wooden bar stool. Providing height and style it allows for a more formal look for those more elegant affairs. 


-30" high (height accommodates for belly bar height)

-Padded seat

-Metal legs


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Oak Wooden Bar Stool

The wooded bar stool is great for any backyard party or open bar event. 


-30" high (height accommodates for belly bar height)

-All wood material. 

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Faux Granite Bar

This black bar with a sleek faux granite finish is a perfect setup to any party's alcoholic fantasy. 


-4' X 4' dimensions

-Easy to setup and breakdown

-Shelf inside for bartender needs

L shaped bar.jpg


L- Shaped Bar

This black bar is the perfect fit for a large event. It has a lot of storage for any beverage need.

-12' X 12' dimensions

-Comes in pieces for easy transportation and set-up

-Does not include bar stools

back of L shaped bar.jpg
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